Department of Audit of Public Enterprises (DEPA)

“The Department of Audit of Public Enterprises (DEPA) is responsible for the audit of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) sometimes referred to as public enterprises. The Department is comprised of five audit teams and has twenty two staff members including a Director, a Manager, five team leaders and fifteen auditors”.

Director's Profile

Name: Nadine Musanabandi is Audit Director at OAG

Mrs. Nadine MUSANABANDI joined the office of the Auditor General in March 2004. Over the 10 years, she has worked in different departments at the OAG and is currently serving on the position of Audit Manager in the Department of Projects and Programs (DPP).

She holds a BBA (Accounting) from the Adventist University of Central Africa, Rwanda. She is currently conducting an academic research on “IMPACT OF AUDIT PRACTICES ON THE QUALITY OF FINANCIAL RECORDS AND REPORTS OF PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS” in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Finance option) at the Kigali Independent University (ULK,Kigali). She is also an ACCA student.

Nadine has been actively participating in several audit assignments carried out in public institutions; among others: the General Services of the office of the President (2004), PACFA project and Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Project (2005), the National Museum (2006), OAG Supervisor of the activity of stocktaking at Mulindi Tea Factory (2007), the Office of the Prime Minister (2008), the Ministry of Health and the Rural Sector Support Project, RSSP (2009), the Southern Province (2010), Kigali health Institute (2011), Workforce Development Authority (2012), etc.

She has participated in various trainings in auditing (as a trainee), organized by OAG Rwanda and other Foreign and International institutions and Organizations (Ernest & Young, KPMG, INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), AFROSAI-E, iCISA, etc).

She has also been among trainers in the 2012 induction training of new OAG staff.

Nadine is married and a mother of 3 children. 

Audit Manager's Profile